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Join the Soho Ski Club and stay up to date on our latest drops, our seasonal adventure recommendations, and events that bring together our community on and off the mountain. If you’re a creative in the city and love skiing, or simply the outdoors, this is the place for you. The star-filled sky, the busy streets, the campfire, the smell of the city, the paradox, we love it all.

Japan Chairlift

The Soho Ski Team

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Patrick Meynard
Patrick Meynard

Where I am living rn:
East Williamsburg, NY // grew up in Boston

Favorite kind of skiing:
Backcountry skiing, big mountain

Favorite off season/ non-ski activity:
Skating. Also, I have a creative events space in EW, called First Chair studio inspired by the ‘First Chair’

You can’t leave home without:
low key my lighter.

Favorite SSC item:
I probably wear the trucker hats the most

Soho Ski Club is:
A community of like minded creatives in the city who are down to create and explore the outdoors

What’s next:
I’m working on an NFT project/community - Zooted Zoo

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About us:

We are a community of creatives in New York City that dream of the mountains. We are a nature-club for city-dwellers. We count the days until winter brings back the powder and gives us an excuse to escape, and in the off-season we stay connected by sharing and creating in our favourite cities. We bring people together, share inspiration, and make apparel.

founder and creative director
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